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Academic Council

​Establishment of the Academic Council

Clause "Third" of the Council of Ministers Resolution No. 134 dated 2/5/1422 provided for establishment of an academic council for translation, within the organizational structure of OTD, under the direction of OTD Head, consisting of a number of part-time members of university professors and other specialists in the field of translation required by OTD, selected for their academic and professional status. The formation of the Academic Council, the number of its members, their remuneration and membership term shall be set forth by High Order.

Academic Council Tasks

  • Approval of translation of adopted laws and regulations, issued by the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia into foreign languages, when necessary.
  • Approval of translation of proper names, when written in foreign languages, such as names of persons and places, as well as translation of names of governmental and non-governmental bodies such as “divan, presidency, county, directorate, agency etc.”, in addition to the job titles of the heads of these bodies.
  • Approval of dictionaries and setting translation standards.
  • Approval of translation of other documents that reflect the official viewpoint of the State.