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Establishment of the Bureau of Experts
Chiefship of the Bureau
Formation of the Bureau
The General Panel of Counselors
Tasks and Powers of the Bureau of Experts
Establishment of the Bureau of Experts

On the 12th of Rajab, 1373 H, a royal order was issued passing the Law of the Council of Ministers. Article (19) of said Law provided that the Council of Ministers be formed of several departments, including (The Department of Technical Experts).

Accordingly, a royal decree was issued approving the Law of Council of Minister’s Departments. Part 3 of the Law was specifically for the Department of Experts; it’s formation and to whom it reports.

On the 12th of Safar, 1394 H, Council of Ministers Resolution No. (168) was issued including the formation of the Department of Experts, conduct of business and regulation of its financial affairs and powers.

On the 16th of Dhu al-Qa’dah , 1394 H, High Order No. (431) was issued approving the Department Bylaws.

On the 18th of Jumada I, 1396 H, High Order No. (3/m/1653) was issued approving financial independence of the Department and to be a constituent of the Council of Ministers, thus becoming an independent body from the General Secretariat of the Council of the Ministers, both financially and administratively.

On the 20th of Shawwal, 1402 H, Council of Ministers Resolution No.(166) was issued approving the Regulatory Bylaws for the duties of the General Committee of the Council of Ministers, including the regulation of the General Committee’s relation to the Department of Experts.

On the 13th of Rabi’ I, 1414, the current Law of the Council of Ministers was issued, following Royal Order no. (A/13), amending the name of the Department of Experts into the Bureau of Experts.

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Chiefship of the Bureau
ID Chief From To

His Eminence Sheikh Saleh bin Abdulrahman Al-Hosain

23 /10 /1394 H

13 /10 /1395 H


His Excellency Dr. Mutlab bin Abdallah Al-Nafeesah

14 /10 /1395 H

06 /03 /1416 H


His Excellency Nasir bin Saleh Al-Smeiri

20 /03 /1416 H

02 /03 /1420 H


His Excellency Dr. Mohammed ibn Hassan Al-Jabr

03 /03 /1420 H

04 /08 /1427 H


His Excellency Dr. `Isam Ibn Sa`d Ibn Sa`id

15 /12 /1428 H

09 /04 /1436 H


HE Mohammed ibn Sulaiman AL-Ajaji

09 /04 /1436 H

Till Now

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Formation of the Bureau

The Bureau of Experts consists of the Chief, Vice-Chief and Assistant Chief, the General Panel of Counselors and a number of special committees to be formed as necessary, as well as a number of departments and divisions including the General Department of Editing, the General Department of Administrative and Financial Affairs, the Library, documentation and IT.

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The General Panel of Counselors

The General Panel of Counselors consists of the Chief, Vice-Chief and Assistant Chief as well as BOE counselors. It convenes to study memoranda and minutes pertaining to draft laws and regulations and general rules prepared by members of the Panel, and what the Chairman decides to bring before the Panel to be put in the final format. Chairman and Members of the Panel participate in several internal and external committees either to review certain issues, to take part in quasi-judicial committees, or to attend conventions and seminars.

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Tasks and Powers of the Bureau of Experts
  • Review and study case-files referred by the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister or the Second Deputy Prime Minister, and the Council of Ministers and its sub-committees.
  • Prepare draft laws and their required studies, in cooperation with the agency concerned with each law.
  • Review and propose amendments to current laws.
  • Study agreements and case-files establishing general rules or requiring issuance of royal decrees or those which concern more than one government agency.
  • Draft appropriate forms for high orders, royal decrees and Council of Ministers resolutions.
  • Join government agencies in reviewing issues brought before the Supreme Authority, the Council of Ministers or other supreme councils.
الذهاب إلى قائمة المواد

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